“It’s not how much we
give, but how much love
we put into giving.”
– Mother Teresa

2009 Adult Caring Award Winner

Larry Selman

New York
United States
"I love helping people. I don't get any money. I do it because I get a good feeling."-Larry Selman

Larry spends every day on the streets of his New York neighborhood asking people for money. Over the past two decades, he has collected $400,000 for AIDS and muscular dystrophy, though he scraped by near the poverty line until just a few years back. That was when he caught the eye of Alice Elliot, a filmmaker who lived near him on Bedford Street. She learned that Larry was mentally challenged, depended on an aging uncle for help with daily chores, and faced the prospect of becoming homeless. She also saw the giving heart that has earned Larry scores of friends among his neighbors, who created a trust fund that lets him stay in his apartment. Their efforts are recorded in "The Collector of Bedford Street," an award-winning film in which Alice portrays both Larry's problems and his passion to make a difference. "I love helping people," Larry says. "I don't get any money. I do it because I get a good feeling."

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