“It’s not how much we
give, but how much love
we put into giving.”
– Mother Teresa

2010 Adult Caring Award Winner

Peter H. Thomas

Scottsdale, Arizona
United States
"When your values are clear, your decisions are easier."-Peter H. Thomas

Peter teaches people to lead values-based lives that will let them reach their potential. He thought he’d reached his as the founder of Century 21 Real Estate Canada, but his life came crashing down after his son, Todd, leaped to his death. Peter’s search to find meaning in his loss led him to use his “God-given skills, influence, and network to make the world a better place.” He’s achieved this goal by founding LifePilot, a program that has raised $3 million for children’s and mental health charities in Canada and the U.S. These are two of the many countries where Peter gives workshops to thousands, ranging from jail inmates to jet set entrepreneurs. In Arizona, he’s reduced recidivism rates by teaching his program in Maricopa County prisons. And he speaks often at colleges where he urges student to remember, “When your values are clear, your decisions are easier.” According to Peter’s guiding principles, it’s the “foundation of an extraordinary life.”

A Caring Channel interview with Peter H. Thomas

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