“It’s not how much we
give, but how much love
we put into giving.”
– Mother Teresa


The Caring Institute sponsors a number of programs to inspire, encourage, and reward acts of caring. We reach young and old through the power of example and by conducting educational forums on issues of well-being and health. Our search for solutions is one of the ways we show how much we care.

Caring Awards

Each year, the institute celebrates men, women, and young adults for their service to humanity. These stellar individuals are shining examples of love in action. Nominations are taken year round from all parts of the world, and no matter their background, our winners all push the limits of giving.

We highlight their achievements in a series of events where they share the unique ways they make society better. While networking with their dedicated peers, they can exchange information and resources. They also have a chance to discuss their work at an Awards event where they are inducted into the Caring Hall of Fame. Each winner receives a signed photograph of Mother Teresa and a crystal angel that both represent the spirit of caring.

This spirit fills the Caring Hall of Fame, housed in the Frederick Douglass Museum on Capitol Hill. The biographies and photos of all the winners are on display so that visitors to this historic site can be inspired to follow in their path.


We encourage young adult winners to keep making a difference by rewarding them with funds for college. As they pursue their studies, they often collaborate to expand their public service projects and find new ways of giving back. To donate now, please click here.


We also provide internships that give public-service-minded youth the chance to interact closely with Caring Award winners and nominees. During their time with us, these young adults have opportunities to explore a wide spectrum of career options and see government at work.

Dreams 4 Kids

The institute fulfills the last wishes of kids who are terminally ill. With input from our friends in home care and hospice, we find out just what the kids long for, whether it’s a trip to Disney World or an iPod to call their own. Your contributions throughout the year allow us to make their dreams come true. To donate now, please click here.

Art of Caring

The Art of Caring contest encourages elementary school students to submit photos that capture “what caring means to them.” These powerful images provide a window into the soul of our society and our contestants. The finalists’ work is displayed in the Caring Hall of Fame to show how people are making a difference every day.

The Frederick Douglass Museum & Caring Hall of Fame

Come see how caring has long been a hallmark of humanity worldwide. The museum was the first Washington, DC, home of the famed abolitionist Frederick Douglass. Just minutes from the U.S. Capitol, the museum has been restored to its original nineteenth-century splendor. It contains furniture and memorabilia that evoke the life of the one-time slave and humanitarian. His spirit remains alive in the Caring Hall of Fame, featuring pictures and profiles of all the Caring Award winners. For nearly three decades, they have gazed down and inspired all who come. Visit the website for more information.

Board of Trustees


Robert J. Dole
Thomas Daschle

Board of Directors

International Chair
Glenn Kielty
Dr. Ruth L. Constant

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Diane Deacon

Robert L. Byers
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Founder and Executive Director
Val J. Halamandaris

Honorary Board of Trustees

Patch Adams, M.D.
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