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Programs FAQs About the Caring Awards

The Caring Institute sponsors a number of programs to inspire, encourage, and reward acts of caring. The Caring Awards recognize and honor the contributions of great humanitarians. The Caring Hall of Fame, located at the Frederick Douglass Museum on Capitol Hill, is a living memorial to these extraordinary role models. And the Dream 4 Kids program fulfills the last wish of young hospice patients who long to visit Disney World.

Caring Awards

Every year, we pay tribute to the most caring adults and young adults in the world. Nominations are taken year round, and anyone can visit our website to nominate a candidate. The nominees are submitted for a yearly vote to our board of trustees, representing leaders in a wide range of fields. The winners are equally diverse, and this becomes clear when their stories appear in the award-winning magazine CARING. They are also honored at a series of events in Washington, DC, and inducted into the Caring Hall of Fame.

Youth Educational Programs

Young adult winners of the Caring Awards receive scholarship funds to help them pursue their goal of contributing to society. We encourage school children to do the same on tours of the Frederick Douglass Museum and Caring Hall of Fame, featuring photos and stories of great humanitarians, past and present. As they tour the galleries, students come to realize that one person can make a difference. That’s also what famed Douglass reenactor, Frederick Morsell tells them when we bring his program to local schools and when he performs at our annual children’s party in honor of Black History Month.

Dreams 4 Kids Program at Disney World

The institute helps kids who wish on a star and pray for their dreams to come true. Many terminally ill children long to visit Disney World, as members of the home care and hospice community have come to learn. Based on their input, we select children and their families for a free trip to this wondrous resort, where they enjoy six days of Mickey, Minnie and magic. In years to come, this special time leaves warm memories of love and laughter that live on in the hearts of grieving parents.


We provide work experiences for public-service-minded youth. The time they spend with us gives them a chance to address value-driven issues and explore their career objectives in a place that fosters true concern for all.


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