The Caring Institute is an international nonprofit organization dedicated to the principles of caring, integrity, and public service.

The Caring Institute was created in 1985 in response to Mother Teresa’s directive to the Caring Institute’s founder concerning the poverty of the spirit in developed countries and the need to harness the power of caring.

The Caring Institute searches the world for corporations and individuals of all ages who help those on the fringes of life, honors them with a Caring Award where their efforts can inspire, and educates others to emulate their actions.  The Caring Institute encourages young people to build a more caring world by providing college scholarship funds to young adults who exemplify a profound sense of character and who have made great contributions to society at a young age.  The Caring Institute also exemplifies service in action by fulfilling requests of children with catastrophic and terminal illnesses through its Dreams 4 Kids program.

The Caring Institute believes the solution to most problems lies in the love, understanding, and caring of one human being for another.  Simply put, the Caring Institute celebrates the human spirit and encourages others to harness the power of caring.


Caring Awards

The Caring Awards promote and honor acts of caring and humanitarian service around the country and internationally. Throughout the year, we receive nominations for individuals and corporations who have made contributions of significant impact to society. We honor adult, young adult and corporate awardees and promote their commitment to others.  If you are interested in nominating an individual or corporation for a Caring award, please see our Awards page. Please also see our former awardees.

Dreams 4 Kids

The Caring Institute coordinates resources with healthcare professionals and parents to fulfill the wishes and needs of children with catastrophic and terminal illnesses through its Dreams 4 Kids program. With the strength of your contributions throughout the year, we are able to meet the immediate needs of these children and their families and help them cope with their many challenges during the most stressful time in their lives.

Art of Caring

We encourage all to post and tag photos #theartofcaring, #becaring, and @c_a_r_i_n_g on Instagram to capture and express “what caring means” – an exercise of creativity and benevolence.


The Caring Institute awards college scholarship funds to young adult Caring Award winners. It is our hope that this gift will incite these bright minds to continue making a difference in the lives of others.








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